Tonia Castaneda

Membership Assistant

Tonia Castaneda joined Ozark Public Broadcasting in 2015. She works in the membership office, primarily organizing volunteers for KSMU and OPT events. A huge fan of public broadcasting, she enjoys being able to recruit and motivate businesses and individuals to support the local stations. Tonia attended Missouri State University, pursuing a degree in Education, and after a short period of time in St. Louis, has taken up Springfield as her permanent home. Her passions include the St. Louis Cardinals, food, cycling, and attempting to write the next great American novel.

Ways to Connect

KSMU would like to thank the following businesses for donating meals for our pledge volunteers!

KSMU would like to thank  the following people for donating their time to our drive:

Abby Blaes

Allyssa Lang-Taylor

Amber Hinken

Amber Wilkerson

Amy Brown

Barbara  Watson

Bob Ranney

Laclede Literacy Council



Chloe Boone

Christine Burmeister

Danisha Hogue

Evan Dickmeier

Evelyn Fleischer


Gareth Ngwenya

Gina Ginocchio

Hannah Bogue

Ilga Vise

Jackie Creson

Jana Greig

Jena Pennington