Applicants Sought for Prosper Springfield Advisory Council

May 31, 2017

Credit OSU / Flickr

Prosper Springfield has a goal of reducing poverty in the city and in Greene County five percent by 2030, and it needs your help.

The Community Partnership of the Ozarks said they’re looking for people to apply to be part of the Prosper Springfield Advisory Council.

Prosper Springfield is a collective impact initiative that brings together all those working to fight poverty as well as those who benefit from the work they do, according to its director, Francine Pratt.  It came out of the Springfield Impacting Poverty Commission last year.

She said the advisory council will meet every other month for the first six months and then possibly quarterly and will be very action-oriented.

"I believe, and quite a few people believe, that there's enough research, enough data to know what's needed.  The key thing is:  what do we focus on first?  How do we go about doing this work?  And that's where the council is going to be very helpful," said Pratt.

The council, she said, will provide input and recommendations to assist in meeting the established goals and strategies designed by the Springfield Impacting Poverty Commission and to identify gaps as well as duplication in efforts.

According to Pratt, they want to be sure the council is made up of people from different backgrounds.  She said, “a properly composed and structured advisory council can be a tremendous complement to the effectiveness of the Prosper Springfield initiative."

To learn more, call Community Partnership at 888-2020.