Cox College Sees Record Spring Enrollment

Feb 2, 2016

Laptop and Stethoscope
Credit jfcherry / Flickr

More students than ever before are enrolled at Cox College this spring.  According to the college's vice president of College Services Institutional Research, there are 877 student currently enrolled. That's 22 more than were enrolled during a record spring enrollment in 2015.

Dr. Jim Moore said they've seen a steady increase in enrollment for the past five years in part because of the demand for skilled workers in the healthcare industry.

Cox College's nursing programs are "by far" the largest programs it offers, he says.  It also offers a masters of science in occupational therapy and masters of nutrition and dietetics, which draw students from across the country.  And he says their radiography program also has a large number of students.

According to Moore, the students can expect to easily find jobs.

"Almost 90% of our students have a job prior to graduation, and nearly 100% have a job within a month of graduation, so all of our students get placed very quickly.  Our students are in high demand across the region.  There are healthcare shortages across the country and so, you know, our students find jobs very easily," he said.

Moore says the country's aging population and greater interest in personal health will keep the demand for healthcare high well into the future.

"There's more emphasis placed on quality healthcare not only from the patient's side but from the governmental side, and so having those quality clinicians and quality healthcare professionals is key for any healthcare organization to survive in this new climate," he said.

According to Moore, most of the college's undergraduates stay in southwest Missouri after finishing their studies.