Democrats Retain 132nd State House Seat, Elect Quade

Nov 9, 2016

Crystal Quade helped Democrats avoid a Republican sweep in Greene County Tuesday and kept blue the seat currently held by term-limited Charlie Norr. 

Quade says that joining a legislature with a Republican super majority means she’ll need to be able to work across the aisle.

“So that’s going to be my first step is to build those relationships so that whenever I start filing my bills, hopefully soon, so I can have bipartisan support on the issues that are important to me,” Quade continued.

Growing up in a rather conservative family, Quade said being a social worker and dealing with people facing struggles day in and day out have shaped her views.

“I felt like the 132 (District) really needed a representative who understands what the everyday struggles are for our district,” said Quade.

District 132 winner Crystal Quade (D), alongside current Representative Charlie Norr (D), which was barred by term limits from seeking re-election.
Credit Han Zhao / KSMU

Jeff Munzinger, the Democratic candidate for Missouri House District 136 said despite his loss to incumbent Republican Kevin Austin, he’s glad he made the effort.

“The democrats haven’t run in this district for eight years,” said Munzinger.

Munzinger sees the campaign process as a victory in itself. He enjoyed meeting constituents throughout the year, and says he won’t give up fighting for the issues he cares deeply about.

“My wife and I are both 65, and we are self-employed. We are stepping away from our work by the end of the year,” Munzinger said. “We have both been involved in community activities and social justice issues. We are going to continue doing that. It’s important to us.”

Ella Jane Goeppinger, candidate of State Representative of District 130, was defeated by incumbent Republican Jeff Messenger, earning just 21 percent of the vote.

“Running against an incumbent and a heavily Republican district, I am pleased in about how I’ve done in comparison to how a Republican district typically is.”

Goeppinger said she will run again in 2018.

The three candidates were joined Tuesday by supporters at The Old Glass Place near downtown Springfield, the site of the Democratic watch party.

Of the losing Democrats on Greene County ballots Tuesday, Randy Alberhasky ran the most competitive race. He lost by six points to Republican Steve Helms for the 135th district. Nate Branscom lost to incumbent Sonya Murray Anderson for the 131st District, Jim Clemmons was defeated by Curtis Trent in the 133rd, and 134th District incumbent Republican Elijah Haahr beat Democrat Angela Pryor.