Drury University Pleased with Projected Enrollment

Aug 18, 2017

Drury University is crediting new recruitment efforts with higher enrollment to start the 2017-2018 school year. President Tim Cloyd told the Springfield New-Leader earlier this month the number of traditional undergraduate students is expected to top 1,400. That would be nearly 50 students more than the previous year.

Credit Ryan Welch / KSMU

Enrollment at the private school had been mostly flat the last two years. This year, many local colleges and universities are expecting fewer students.

KSMU was unable to obtain comment from a Drury University official Friday, three days before the start of classes. But in his interview with the News-Leader, Cloyd said a high retention rate has aided growth. Drury is also maintaining its number of international students.

"It has to do with the way we recruit in those countries and what those students are looking for," said Cloyd.

By contrast, Missouri State University could see 100 fewer international students this year, although overall enrollment is up. Speaking to KSMU Friday morning, MSU President Clif Smart said students from this country and outside the U.S. need to feel safe and welcome in order to enroll.

“We have challenges in the country now and some of that welcoming American spirit is a little bit in question if we track the news,” Smart said.

Other recent recruitment efforts at Drury include an articulation agreement that allows Ozarks Technical Community College’s aviation program students to pursue a bachelor’s degree. Students in the School of Education and Child Development can also complete bachelors and master's degrees in five years through Drury’s 4+1 program.