IMAGES: Greene County Presiding Commissioner Fulfills a Promise

Oct 15, 2015

Greene County Presiding Commissioner Bob Cirtin received a buzz cut from the county's sheriff, Jim Arnott, Wednesday in the rotunda of the Historic Greene County Courthouse.  He told county employees he would have his head shaved if their participation in the United Way campaign doubled from last year.  It more than doubled.

"The county employees are very generous, and they rose to the occasion and so here we are.  We're supporting a good cause and having a little bit of fun doing it," Cirtin said.

Before he began, Cirtin said of Arnott, "I trust this man explicity.  I'm really dumb like that" to which Arnott responded, "any last words?"  "Just do what you've got to do," said Cirtin.

To be sure he wouldn't change his mind, the sheriff handcuffed Cirtin to his chair.

Cirtin's wife, Brenda Cirtin, watched as her husband's hair disappeared.  In fact, Cirtin, knowing how anxious his wife was about the shave, assured her that "it would be ok." 

Brenda Cirtin said her husband, "took a real leadership role in doing it."

When asked what she thought of the new cut, her response?  "It will grow back."