Legislation Addressing Lethal Force by Police Filed

Dec 3, 2014


Police Officer
Credit swong95765 / Flickr

Some Missouri lawmakers are filing bills for the next legislative session that would restrict when police officers can use lethal force. Michael Lindquist has more from the state Capitol.

St. Louis area Senators Jamilah Nasheed and Maria Chappelle-Nadal are two lawmakers that are trying to tighten the language in Missouri law dictating the use of lethal force by police officers. 

Nasheed says her bill makes current law more specific and defines when police would be authorized to use lethal force.

"As the statute stands today, it's too broad and it's too vague, and what I mean by that is, there's a portion in that provision that basically says when police immediately feel it is necessary, they can use lethal force," she said.

The legislative session begins on January seventh