Local Author Spreads the Idea of Minimalism

Jul 13, 2014

In her new book, Minimize: Kill your Debt. Live your Dream, a southwest Missouri author chronicles her journey to a life of simplicity. KSMU’s Taylor Vance tells us more about the minimalism trend.    

Amity Farr started her journey to a minimalist lifestyle in 2009, after reading the book Secrets of Simplicity by Mary Carlomagno. The Springfield resident says learning how to live a simple life has rewarded her with much more than she ever imagined.

Local author Amity Farr at a book signing for her book Minimize: Kill your debt. Live your dream.
Credit Amity Farr

  “It’s about living the good life with less. It’s about buying less and having more and what I mean by that is more free time, more resources, and a better chance of living your dream.” said Farr.

The main purpose of a minimalist lifestyle is to remain focused on the important aspects of life: your health, relationships, passions, and personal growth. Farr says by streamlining her life, she no longer stresses about money or scheduling. And the best part, it allowed Farr to live out her dream of becoming an author, which she says would have never happened in her previous lifestyle.

“I lived a charmed life. I have to give credit to minimalism as well as the grace of God,” said Farr.

The minimalism trend is catching on for some, including Julie Knight, a Springfield woman who is now finding peace in her new lifestyle.

“When I look around a room that has fewer things and the things that are there are things that I know are useful or are things that I love and what I consider beautiful, I just feel more peaceful,” said Knight.

Amity Farr admits the minimalist lifestyle may not be for everyone but believes it is worth a try. 

“Minimalism is about finding the essentials, it’s not about doing without, and it’s about getting to the point where everything is meaningful. I think most people if not all people could benefit from that,” said Farr.

To learn more about a minimalist lifestyle you can visit Farr’s blog at minimizeme.org.  Minimize: Kill your debt. Live your Dream is available on Amazon.