McCaskill Signs up for ACA Through Missouri's Exchange

Dec 20, 2013

U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill says she’s signed up for health insurance offered to Missourians under the Affordable Care Act. KSMU's Scott Harvey has more.

In a video posted to the Senators’ YouTube page, McCaskill is seen reading over information through before selecting a policy.

“This plan will cost $552.60 a month; my deductible will be $1,750 and my out-of-pocket maximum will be $5,000,” McCaskill said.

Missouri’s health exchange is operated by the federal government.

Members of Congress and their staff are the only people in the country required by the Affordable Care Act to drop their employer health plan and purchase their health insurance on the exchanges. McCaskill opted to use, and in doing so forfeited her federal employer contribution.

Missouri’s Republican Senator, Roy Blunt, said last week he has selected a plan through the District of Columbia exchange.

“So I guess we’re doing that differently just like we voted on Obamacare differently. I voted against Obamacare,” Blunt said.

While he will receive an employer contribution to put toward the purchase price, Blunt says he will donate an equal amount to charity.