O Negative Blood Donors Respond to Call from CBCO, but More are Needed

Dec 1, 2017

Donating Blood
Credit Presidio of Monterey / Flickr

This week the Community Blood Center of the Ozarks put out a call for O negative blood donors.  A  Code Red Emergency Appeal was issued after donations dropped during the Thanksgiving holiday period.

At one point, only around 12 units of O negative were in reserve at the CBCO.  O negative is a universal blood type, meaning anyone can receive it.  But those with O negative blood can only receive that blood type.

Pilgrim said reserves have come up since the appeal was issued.

"The last couple of days collections and donations have been good, especially in O negative as the donors are hearing our message to the media and on social media, Pilgrim said.  "We still need a continued response from those donors--O negative and even A negative donors because we find A negative at low levels as well."

Pilgrim said they currently have around 40 units of O negative, but they like to have 80 in reserve. 

To find out how to give, click here.