OTC Planning to Construct New Building

Jun 28, 2017

For the first time in nearly 10 years, Ozarks Technical Community College will build a new facility on its Springfield campus.

Officials are looking to add a new 21,600 square foot facility at a cost of $2.6 million.

The idea for a new facility came about a year ago. That’s according to Mark Miller, the college’s director of communications.

“We worked with the City of Springfield to reroute Central Street so it kind of goes around to the north of our campus here in Springfield.”

In order to complete the project, the college needed to remove a storage building. Now, the college needs to replace the facility. 

The new storage building will also hold up to 18 welding labs, which would occupy 4,500 square feet. The remaining space will be used for storage. With these new labs, Miller says it allows the college to save money.

“We had welding labs in a Center for Workforce Development facility that was just to the south of Chestnut Expressway, and we leased that for $80,000 per year. We decided not to renew that lease; we have it until the end of the year, in December. So we would be saving about $80,000 per year.”   

The plans were approved by the OTC Board of Trustees on Monday, June 12. Miller says construction could be completed in December.