Science and Engineering; Passion and Pay

Aug 3, 2017

When we advise students at the University, many times we key in on phrases, such as “pursue your passion” or “follow your dreams”.  However, in the realities of life with college expenses on the rise, is that advice the most important to give?  Or should the search for a way to be productive and successful be the primary motivation for students today?   The big question is, “Can you do both?”  Certainly, that is possible in many fields, but nowhere more likely than in the sciences and engineering.  This week we’ll talk about a new list from that shows the highest paying jobs for bachelor’s degree recipients.  Most are in STEM fields, and here is the kicker; students who go into STEM do so because they are passionate for the field.  So, with a STEM degree, you can eat that slice of cake.  After all, you earned it.