Springfield, Missouri State Continue to be Welcoming to International Visitors

Jul 25, 2017

Students represent their countries at the 2016 Tour de Globe event at MSU.

For the last few decades, organizations in the United States have begun placing greater priority on globalization efforts, whether it is through establishing partnerships worldwide, increasing e-commerce or offering enrichment activities for employees. Missouri State University has certainly pushed forward in this area, as well.

Brad Bodenhausen, associate vice president of international education and training, and director of international programs at Missouri State, discusses how globalization fits into the mission of the university.

Brad Bodenhausen

At this time in history, though, greater engagement internationally has bubbled to the top of some debates. With this controversy in the news, Bodenhausen says it is incredibly important for the Springfield and Missouri State community to stay open and welcoming.

For more information, visit international.missouristate.edu.