Springfield School Officials Among Those Happy With Amendment 3 Rejection

Nov 5, 2014

Greene County voters rejected amendment 3 by 79 percent on Tuesday.
Credit Anna Thomas / KSMU

With more than 98 percent of precincts reporting on Tuesday night, 73 percent of Missouri voters said no to Amendment 3, which would have changed the way teachers are evaluated, compensated and employed in Missouri.

Kittilu Maxson, president of Springfield’s National Education Association, was happy with the result.  

“If the amendment had passed, it would have meant an extra testing burden on our students which would have been a burden on our teachers as well, and the cost would have been put on the taxpayers locally,” Maxson said.

In September, backers of the amendment officially suspended their campaign, but opposition groups remained vocal.

Local school boards like Springfield and Nixa passed resolutions opposing the ballot measure, calling it a poorly drafted proposal that would have unintended consequences for their districts. Greene County voters rejected the measure by 79 percent.