With Transportation Taxes Renewed, Springfield Sets Sights on Project Schedule

Apr 12, 2016

Credit Claire Kidwell / KSMU

Intersection and roadway improvements in south Springfield are among the first projects the city will tackle with funds from recently renewed sales taxes.

More than 85 percent of Springfield voters said yes Tuesday to the continuation of the city’s ¼-cent Capital Improvement Sales Tax and the 1/8-cent Transportation Sales Tax.

According to Public Works Director Dan Smith, crews will look at “Battlefield Road at Fremont, improving the intersection there, as well as improving Fremont down to Sunset.” He says this is a very high traffic area that is in “desperate need” of these new enhancements.

“These projects as well as the other construction projects are going to make significant improvements to traffic flow as well as safety.”

The other project that the department will focus on in the coming months is a collaboration with Springfield Public Schools. Smith says that this project will focus on improvements to Primrose right in front of Kickapoo High School.

“We need to make sure that the timing on that works well with the school schedule, so we’re still working out some of those details now that it’s passed, but now that we have approval from the voters we’ll be moving forward as quickly as possible.”

Smith says that they hope to have these projects under contract before the end timeline of the capital improvement tax, which means having them well underway or completed within three years.

Sales tax revenue will not only be used on these projects but include the continuation of new and existing sidewalk installments and upgrades, and improvements to turn lanes at intersections, says Smith. His department will also look to sharable projects with MoDOT and other entities.

Tuesday’s approval of the capital Improvement and transportation sales tax represented the ninth and fifth time the taxes had been renewed by voters.

Smith calls the support humbling.

“We’re just tremendously thankful to the community for the support and bringing these improvements to the community.”

More information about the proposed projects can be viewed here.