U.S. Senators Call for Delay in Consolidating USPS Facilities

Dec 2, 2014

Credit Andrew Taylor / Flickr

Missouri's U.S. Senators are calling for the USPS to delay consolidating mail processing facilities.

Republican Roy Blunt and Democrat Claire McCaskill joined a bipartisan group of colleagues Monday to demand the delay of the planned consolidation of the facilities, two of which are in Missouri.

They sent the letter after the USPS Inspector General found that the Postal Service failed to fulfill its obligations to adequately study the impact of the consolidations and failed to inform the public of those impacts, according to a news release from Blunt's office.

They're asking that feasibility studies be completed and that the public to have enough time to comment before a decision is made. 

According to the letter, "There is no reason that the USPS cannot delay its consolidations to provide time for the public to see and comment on the service standard worksheets.  It is only fair to allow the process to unfold in this way, and the USPS gains little by deciding to continue the consolidation process on its current, arbitrary timeline."

A Springfield processing center is among two Missouri facilities facing consolidation. That move, which will shift operations to Kansas City, is scheduled for April 2015. Last month, A USPS spokesperson did not indicate how many jobs would be affected.