Making Democracy Work

Monday, 9:30 a.m.

The League of Women Voters of Southwest Missouri brings you this weekly program, which covers a variety of topics related to the Ozarks and democracy.

Changing Lives Through Technology

Oct 30, 2017
KSMU/Peter Batemon

This week on Making Democracy Work host Crystal Brigman-Mahaney  speaks with Greg Johnson.  Johnson is one of the organizers of Hack 4 Good, an event to be held in Springfield with goals to change lives through technology.

Listen in as they dicuss the history of Hack 4 Good, what their goal for this years event is, and how you can help even if you're not a techie. 

For more information visit the Hack 4 Good website.

Listen in this week as host Leslie Carrier speaks with Amanda Stadler, the Neighborhood and Housing Stabilization Specialist for the Community Partnership of the Ozarks.

They will focus on the upcoming Hope Connection event that will be held at the Springfield Expo center on November 15th. They will discuss an overview of the event, who the event is directed towards, and how members of the community can volunteer their time for the event.

A Look Into The Greene County Drug Court

Oct 18, 2017

This week on Making Democracy Work host Debbie Good speaks with guest Greene County Commissioner Peggy Davis. Listen in as they take a look at Greene County's Drug Court, how it is utilized to rehabilitate offenders, who is able to access it's services, and some statistics regarding the success rates of those who have been a recipient of drug court services. 

Scott Harvey / KSMU

This week on Making Democracy Work, host Lisa Langley speaks with Springfield Police Chief Paul Williams.

Listen in as they discuss how officers are chosen in Springfield, what kind of background checks and training each officer is subjected to, and how Springfield police interact with the community.

Leadership In The Nonprofit Industry

Oct 2, 2017

This week on Making Democracy Work host Crystal Brigman-Mahaney sits down with Dan Prater, Executive Director of Drury's Center for Nonprofit Leadership, to discuss the nonprofit industry, it's impact in our area, and what myths our listeners should dispel.