Rountree News Update

Once a Month. Dates Vary.

Rountree fifth grade students share news of what's happening at their school each month.  Rountree News is part of a Partners in Education relationship between KSMU and Rountree Elementary. 

Rountree News Update: May 2017

May 3, 2017
Scott Harvey

Stay up to date with what's happening with Rountree Elementary School. Listen in as four of it's students give a brief overview.

Rountree News Update March

Mar 29, 2017

Listen in as students from Rountree Elementary catch the community up on some things happening on their campus.

Barb McMeekin

Rountree News Update January 2017

Jan 25, 2017

Listen in as students from Rountree Elementary update the community on what's happening on their campus. Students cover topics such as field trips and in class activities and learning events.

Barb McMeekin / KSMU

On this edition of the Rountree News Update, we'll hear about houses around the world, a trip to the Full Circle Farm, how leaders establish social order using power, and major developments over time.

Rountree News Update is a monthly program featuring Springfield's Rountree Elementary students who update the community with what's happening on their campus.