Studio Live

Second Friday of every month, 12-1pm

Hear songs from local musicians as they perform live from the KSMU studios. This hour-long event, held at noon one Friday out of each month, mixes conversation with performance. We'll learn more about these musicians and their love for music, as well as the music itself.

Be sure to join us for Studio Live Social Hour, an encore performance of that day's artist from 6-8 pm at the Backlot at Alamo Drafthouse, located at 4005 South Avenue in Springfield. 

Upcoming Schedule:

July 13: Fiddle and Banjo 

August 10: Molly Healey

September 14: The Justice Adams Band

October 12: Larry Lee, David Wilson and Emily Higgins

November 9: Failing Minnesota

December: Sunset to Burns

Jessica Balisle / KSMU

Grandma Strange was in the studio to share their strange and experimental brand of rock with KSMU listeners. The band is Brooke Austen on vocals, Clinton Houseman on guitar and vocals, Ryan Wallace on bass, and Alisha Schroeder on drums. The band is currently in the process of recording a new EP or album, whichever it ends up becoming. 

Jessica Balisle / KSMU

The Ozarks Klezmer Orkestr, (Andrew Bishko, Allison Steiner, Donnie Kraft), was in the studio for a Klezmer 101 lesson. We learned about the history of the genre, occasions for certain songs and how the music fits in with Jewish traditions. 

For Studio Live Social Hour at Barley Wheat & Rye, Andrew taught the audience a traditional dance. 

Jessica Balisle / KSMU

Kristi Merideth was in the studio to share some of her rarely-heard original songs. Her combo consisted of Kyth Trantham on bass, Paul Price on guitar, Brandon Mezzelo on sax, and Teresa Hornsby on drums.

Ryan Welch / KSMU

Drifters Mile was in the studio to talk about their transitions from Deep Fried Squirrel to the current band arrangement. The band includes Deakin Mooney on banjo, Jake Norman on guitar, Eric Mathewson on fiddle, and Dave Smith on bass.

Jessica Balisle / KSMU

The Theorists, (Jared Durden on guitar and Brent Fillmer on bassoon, bass and keys), were in the studio to talk about their brand of bassoon rock, science and their 20+ year musical collaboration.