Studio Live

Second Friday of every month, 12-1pm

Hear songs from local musicians as they perform live from the KSMU studios. This hour-long event, held at noon one Friday out of each month, mixes conversation with performance. We'll learn more about these musicians and their love for music, as well as the music itself.

KSMU has also partnered with Barley Wheat & Rye Social House, for the Studio Live Social Hour, an encore performance of that day's artist at the craft cocktail lounge in southeast Springfield. The performance begins at 6 p.m.

Upcoming Schedule:

December 8: Jin J. X

January 12: The Norman Jackson Band

February 9: The Sertoma Chili Cook-Off's KSMU Acoustic Stage Preview

March 9: The Ozark Sheiks

April 13: Failing Minnesota

May 11: The Hook Knives

June 8: Andy Havens

Jessica Balisle / KSMU

Auntie Em and the Tornadoes joined Jessica and Mike in the studio for original modern folk music. Auntie Em, aka Emily Higgins, hosts KSMU's The Mulberry Tree Sunday nights at 10:00pm.

The band includes Bo Brown, George Horne, and Rick Davidson. 

Jessica Balisle / KSMU

The Haus Jazz Band made the noon hour a little bit cooler with some jazz. The band discussed their Wednesday night gigs at the Dugout Bar & Grill that allow jazz students to sit in.

Jessica Balisle / KSMU

The Hurricanes hung out in the studio with Jessica and Randy for a fun show about Springfield's latest supergroup: Barak Hill, Brandon Moore, Mike Henderson, Jody Bilyeu and Dallas Jones. 

Jessica Balisle / KSMU

Missouri State University Jazz Studies Director and KSMU's Journey into Jazz host Randy Hamm played Studio Live with Missouri State University instructor Kyle Aho. The duo performed jazz on tenor sax and keys. 

Later that evening, Missouri State jazz students Aaron King and Jared Williamson played Studio Live Social Hour at Barley Wheat & Rye.

Jessica Balisle / KSMU

HeartPunch joined Jessica and Randy in the studio for a stripped-down rock 'n' roll performance featuring Yankton Sothern on acoustic guitar, Jeff Thompson on electric guitar, and Marcus Chatman on cello. The band discussed their new album, Hinky.

That evening, the band played Studio Live Social Hour at Barley Wheat & Rye.