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Articles in Economy

John McQueary

Calling it an economic spark for downtown, Springfield developers and officials expressed excitement during groundbreaking festivities for Hotel Vandivort. KSMU’s Scott Harvey has more on the plans for this historic structure, which is scheduled to open in mid-2014.


Will Missouri’s next legislative session produce a solution to the state’s meth problem? That’s the hope of some members of the Springfield City Council, which on Monday voted 5-4 to postpone a prescription only bill concerning cold and sinus medicines that contain pseudoephedrine. KSMU’s Scott Harvey reports.


A two month investigation by Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster’s office has revealed practices he calls deceiving and appalling. As KSMU’s Scott Harvey reports, Koster has filed suit against Walgreens, saying the company essentially stole from its customers.

MSU West Plains Kellett Hall

Missouri State University-West Plains has been ranked sixth in the nation in the Best Community Colleges category by a Washington, D.C. based publication. KSMU’s Jennifer Davidson has more on the criteria behind the rankings.


Employment immediately following college graduation is not a sure thing. But a study by Drury University reveals 96% of its 2012 graduates who responded to a survey are either employed or furthering their education. KSMU’s Shannon Bowers takes a closer look.


When not-for-profit workers hear the word “free,” their ears tend to prick up. That’s because it can be tricky, particularly for small organizations, to thrive when your main objective isn’t a financial one.  That’s why the Springfield-Greene County Library District is sponsoring a free workshop just for non-profits. KSMU’s Jennifer Davidson has details.


An MSU professor finds that during natural disasters, the hospitality industry has managed to avoid price-gouging. Anna Thomas has more on the story.

Flood of 1993

It’s been twenty years since the Great Flood of 93 swelled the Missouri River to record-high crests.  Marshall Griffin visited some sites along the river in central Missouri and talked to people who battled the flood waters in 1993, and who still keep an eye on the river today.

Teressa Simpson

In this segment of KSMU's program "Around the World, Here at Home," we hear from a Mountain Grove farmer, Teressa Simpson, on her native country of New Zealand.