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Articles in Health


This week the supreme court heard arguments that test an important part of the Obama health care law. NPR's Scott Simon speaks with NPR's legal affairs correspondent Nina Totenberg.

Dr. Robert Steele

The president of the region’s largest employer is stepping down. KSMU’s Scott Harvey has more.

A victim of domestic abuse may not be able to file taxes jointly. Yet that was required for health insurance subsidies.

Victims of domestic abuse had to file taxes jointly to sign up for health insurance. Advocates say that could bar them from health care when they're most in need. A rule change should help.

David Sheets on his Boat at Table Rock Lake / Photo Credit: Sheets' Family

It was supposed to be a normal day on the lake.  David Sheets, his 16-year-old son Michael, and three of his teenaged friends had planned to meet another group at Table Rock Lake, outside of Branson. Their quick response, action, and directions that the father initiated, along with the actions of the four teenagers, saved a life on Table Rock Lake.

Jennifer and Edith Williams

In this segment of our Sense of Community series on local heroes, we hear of the remarkable lengths one mother went to so that her daughter could be the first person in her family to receive a college degree. KSMU's Jennifer Davidson reports.

The research team used yeast chromosome No. 3 as the model for their biochemical stitchery. Pins and white diamonds in the illustration represent "designer changes" not found in the usual No. 3; yellow stretches represent deletions.

It's not about making designer beer. Johns Hopkins scientists and undergrads stitched together strands of yeast DNA as a step in exploring the essential genetics of various species: What makes us us?

The numbers on autism probably don't accurately reflect children's actual health status, researchers acknowledge.

The number of children diagnosed with autism keeps rising, but researchers warn that it may be just because we're getting better at recognizing and treating the disorder.

Electric lineman

For the "Sense of Community" series, Randy Stewart talks with Austin Fonda, Laclede Electric Coop's on-staff CPR instructor . And you'll hear more from Leo Marler and Brian Wade, the electric linemen who used that training to save a life.

Nokubheka, 12, had to move away from her family and into a hospital for treatment against drug-resistant tuberculosis.

PBS traveled to the epicenter of a terrifying epidemic. We're chatting with the film's maker to learn how the world can stop drug-resistant tuberculosis.