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A boy on his bike, with a U.S. Stryker following behind, in the Panjwai District Center in southern Afghanistan. For years, this area was one of the most dangerous places in Afghanistan. But it is now considered safe as Afghans prepare to vote in a presidential election this Saturday.

The Taliban have threatened to disrupt Afghanistan's presidential election this Saturday. But in some areas where the group once wrecked havoc, the Afghan security forces are now in control.

Riot police face off with protesters Sunday, during a demonstration against recent police shootings in Albuquerque. Hundreds of protesters took part in a march that lasted at least nine hours.

The protest began around noon Sunday as a march near the Albuquerque Police Department's downtown headquarters. It spread as it continued into the night; police used tear gas to disperse crowds.

In Blue Jasmine, Cate Blanchett plays a wealthy New York socialite who has it all, loses it all and ends up delusional on a park bench.

Women earn more than ever, yet their attitude about investing has not kept pace. They lack confidence, experts say, and fear they, like Cate Blanchett's role in Blue Jasmine, will run out of money.


The deadline for H-1B Visa applications is April 1. In the week after that deadline, a lottery system will determine which high-skilled workers are able to stay and work in the US. NPR's Kelly McEvers talks with Bhavik Bhatt, who has already struck out once before in the lottery, but is taking his chances again.

Nick Johnson of the Arizona Wildcats is called for an offense foul as he drives on Josh Gasser, No. 21 of the Wisconsin Badgers in overtime during the West Regional Final of the 2014 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. Arizona's fans rioted after the close loss.

Students and fans hurled beer and fireworks at police after an overtime defeat Saturday night. The police responded with dozens of rounds of pepper balls and force.

Crews work at the mudslide site Oso, Wash., Saturday, one week after a massive mudslide devastated a small community. Officials have dropped the number of missing people from 90 to 30.

The list of people who aren't accounted for has continued to shrink since early reports that nearly 200 people were missing after the mudslide. Officials have raised the death toll to 18 people.


Hundreds of farm workers in California were treated to a film about the late Cesar Chavez, the legendary activist. He took on the powerful agricultural industry in the 1960s.

Donald Rumsfeld, shown here on a 2006 visit to Iraq, was the Secretary of Defense during the beginning of the U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Errol Morris spent over 30 hours interviewing Rumsfeld for his latest documentary.


Errol Morris turns the lens on Donald Rumsfeld in his newest documentary, The Unknown Known. It's similar to Morris' The Fog Of War — except this time, to his disappointment, he doesn't learn much.

David Sheets on his Boat at Table Rock Lake / Photo Credit: Sheets' Family

It was supposed to be a normal day on the lake.  David Sheets, his 16-year-old son Michael, and three of his teenaged friends had planned to meet another group at Table Rock Lake, outside of Branson. Their quick response, action, and directions that the father initiated, along with the actions of the four teenagers, saved a life on Table Rock Lake.