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The Missouri State Journal is a weekly program keeping you in touch with Missouri State University

Dr. Kurt Heinlein, associate professor of theatre and dance and 2011-2012 provost fellow for public affairs, discusses the public affairs theme, Culture of Connectivity.

Kate O'Brien, Upward Bound program coordinator, and Cassie Walters, a senior at Central High School in Springfield, discuss Upward Bound, a program designed to give first-generation and low-income students the skills and motivation to attend and complete college.


assist students in developing the skills and motivation necessary toassist students in developing the skills and motivation necessary to complete assist students in developing the skills and motivation necessary to

The coordinator of the Greater Ozarks Leadership Development (GOLD), Missouri State University’s regional leadership development program, discusses the GOLD program.

Dr. Jennifer Krawec, assistant professor in the department of counseling, leadership and special education at Missouri State University, discusses her research and her future project to develop individualized learning plans for children with learning disabilities.

Dancing can have innumerable benefits: it can provide exercise, increased strength and flexibility and so much more. It can be difficult on the body, though. Dr. James Hackney, assistant professor of physical therapy at Missouri State University, recently was awarded a grant from the American Harlequin Corporation to provide scholarship to dance students who participate in dance biomechanics research.

For years, archaeological teams have traveled to Israel to explore and excavate the area – to learn about the history, culture and to further experience this ancient land. Dr. John Strong, associate professor of religious studies at Missouri State University, has participated in many of these digs, and he discusses the plans for this summer (June 13-July15). He will also be blogging about his experiences at www.missouristate.edu/relst.

Just being told to eat right or exercise can be frustrating for people who do not know where to begin in their quest for better health. To assist people in finding their appropriate blend of fitness and nutrition, Dr. Barbara Bushman, professor of health, physical education and recreation at Missouri State University, compiled and edited a new resource from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), “The ACSM’s Complete Guide to Fitness & Health.” The book is available at www.humankinetics.com/ or at many online bookstores.

Scientific discoveries and technological innovations are key to economic progress in the 21st century, and for people to succeed in this economy, they need to be skilled in science and math as well as business practices to commercialize their ideas. Dana Frederick discusses the Missouri Innovation Academy, which will be held June 12-July 2 at Missouri State University.

Going green means many things to many people. At Missouri State University, sustainability is tied closely to the public affairs mission, and many initiatives bring this idea to life. Dr. Tammy Jahnke, dean of the College of Natural and Applied Sciences, joins past Student Government Association President Jake Swett to discuss this concept at Missouri State.