Missouri State University
Springfield - 91.1
Branson - 90.5
West Plains - 90.3
Mountain Grove - 88.7
Joplin - 98.9
Neosho - 103.7
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The KSMU RadioActive team is ready to make a difference in the community. Thanks to our listeners, we will be donating 214 hours to area non profits organizations and causes through the next year. Stay up to date with our activities and progress here.

We'd like to thank Dan Spencer of Hello I'm Dan for designing the RadioActive logo.

Because of your donations, the KSMU RadioActive Team is committed to volunteering at least 214 hours in the community over the next year. Thank you for making this possible. We'll be posting updates and more pictures as soon as possible. Keep an eye on this page to see the RadioActive Team in action!

Here's a slideshow from our RadioActive fundraiser. We're all excited and ready to get to work!

Our goal for our one-day fundraiser is to raise $10,000. For every $25 raised, the KSMU RadioActive team will commit to volunteering one hour for a non-profit community organization or cause. By reaching our $10,000 goal, the KSMU RadioActive team will volunteer 400 hours of community service!

That means a $25 pledge equals one hour of community service. Or, for a pledge of $100, you can provide four hours of service to a local non-profit organization!

How can you help? Call in your support on February 8 or pledge online now. It’s that easy! Your pledge of support ensures strong public radio in your community and helps the KSMU RadioActive team support other great non-profits with hours of service.