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Sense Of Community

The Bible

In this Sense of Community report, KSMU's Jennifer Davidson interviews a finanical minister from one of Springfield's largest churches about the Christian perspective on debt.


In the Ozarks, average home prices fluctuated little during the peak and subsequent pop of the Housing Bubble, but what does that mean for a home buyer getting a 5% loan for -1% rate of return 30 years later?

ubderwater sale sign

Lenders tightening up requirements on loan applications make for interesting challenges to enter the housing market.

Consumer Credit Counseling Service

In this segment of KSMU's Sense of Community Series Debt in the Ozarks, Michele Skalicky offers ways to get help if you're in over your head with debt.

Erasing Debt

In this segment of KSMU's Sense of Community Series, Debt in the Ozarks, Michele Skalicky talks to a woman who found herself in debt following a life changing event but managed to work her way out.

Edible Arrangements Fruit Bouquet

Even after doing all the research and homework, and even with lots of help from the national office, opening a small business can get you into debt... quickly....even if your business is growing by nearly 10 percent every year.  Jenny Heulskamp found that out when she started a local franchise of national retailer Edible Arrangements, as she tells Randy Stewart on "Sense of Community."

MSU Small Business & Technology Development Center

Today's Sense of Community reports focus on business debt in the Ozarks.  Randy Stewart talks with Rayanna Anderson at Missouri State University's Small Business and Technology Development Center about the debt-counseling services they offer.

Dr. David Mitchell

In Monday's second Sense of Community installment concerning student debt, a local professor is giving his students the tools to weigh the value of a college investment. KSMU's Scott Harvey has more.

MSU - Financial Aid

Our Sense of Community series this quarter focusses on debt in the Ozarks. For Monday, KSMU explores the debt concerns and opportunities within the student population.