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Sense Of Place

This is an archive of KSMU's series A Sense of Place. These stories focus on the history of the Ozarks. We think you’ll enjoy listening to these timeless features on places of historical significance in our area.

house rep map 2008

In our local history series, Sense of Place, we look to our past to find answers for the present. With the presidential election upon us, KSMU’s Emma Wilson brings us a brief look at how elections have changed in the history of the Ozarks region.

lincoln hall

Ozarks Technical Community College in central Springfield prides itself on training students to work with the technology of the future. But the origins of one campus building are rooted firmly in the past. For our local history series, Sense of Place, KSMU’s Emma Wilson brings us the story of Lincoln School and Springfield’s segregated past.

the shoe

Across the Ozarks—and throughout United States—buildings that once housed large industrial operations sit empty as manufacturing has become mechanized or jobs move overseas. In more recent years, many of these buildings have undergone transformations that bring them into the new economic environment. KSMU’s Emma Wilson brings us the story of one factory building in West Plains, Missouri that has been given a new life.

Civil War Hats

What would you do if you discovered your land was the site of a Civil War Battle?  One man in south-central Missouri is answering that question:  he’s opening up his land for a free reenactment of the battle, 150 years after it took place. As part of our Sense of Place series on local history, KSMU’s Jennifer Davidson has this story.

Rockaway Beach sign

Tourism has long been a primary driver of the economy in southwest Missouri. For our series, Sense of Place, we look at the development of that economy from a historical perspective. Today, KSMU’s Emma Wilson brings us the story of a small Ozarks town that was once a booming resort village.

Marvel Cave sign

For our local history series, Sense of Place, we explore times past that make our region what it is today. Much of the tourism that has been so vital to the local economy has been based around the Ozarks landscape and the natural features within it. For this installment, KSMU’s Emma Wilson studies the history of one popular theme park that traces its roots deep below the surface.

Bolivar Law Firm Celebrates 100th Year

In our local history series, Sense of Place, we explore the lives of people and places that have shaped our modern local culture. Generational businesses are less common now than in days past, but they have played an important role in the establishment of many communities around the region. KSMU’s Emma Wilson went to Bolivar to visit a law firm that has stayed in the family for a century.

Cover of Ghost of the Ozarks, Hardback

For our local history series, Sense of Place, we bring you stories about how our past has influenced the culture we live in today. For this installment, KSMU’s Emma Wilson interviews the author of a new book that tells the story of a crime so rife with scandal it shocked the nation at the time, and had lasting repercussions for this region and its image. We’d like to advise you in advance that this report contains a mention of a brutal crime.

Mary Whitney Phelps

During the four-year sesquicentennial of the Civil War, many local organizations are taking the time to recognize the effect of that conflict today and honoring those impacted by it 150 years ago. KSMU’s Sense of Place reporter, Emma Wilson, brings us an update on a new historical marker that will commemorate a local heroine of the American Civil War.