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Kima Jones, like many other poets of color, uses social media as a tool to reach audiences that don't typically read literary journals.

Writers of color are often told they must write for the "universal human," says poet Kima Jones. She explains how many of them take to social media to find their place among a different audience.

Kent Stephenson, a research participant at the University of Louisville's Kentucky Spinal Cord Injury Research Center, has his level of muscle activity and force measured by Katelyn Gurley.

By electrically stimulating the lower spine in men with paraplegia, researchers were able to get them to initiate movement. The big challenge is how to achieve coordinated motor control.

A television network was conducting a live interview with a woman about Rio's rampant street crime when a robber brazenly rips a gold chain from the woman's neck.

The Shanghai government has banned the use of taxi-booking apps such as Kuaidi Dache during rush hour. Here, a Shanghai resident displays the app on his smartphone in Shanghai, on Jan. 23.

The smartphone apps let people summon cabs and negotiate prices directly with drivers. Officials say they benefit the young and the rich. But they're also a free-market challenge to state control.


Looking for some land on which to make hay?  Have a desire to plant oats, wheat or corn?  Wilson's Creek National Battlefield wants to hear from you.

Riot police launch tear gas toward activists in downtown Albuquerque, N.M. following a 10-hour protest around the city, last month in which hundreds marched to protest a deadly police shooting.

After a nearly 18 month investigation, the DOJ finds that the city's police department uses deadly force more often than is necessary, in violation of the Fourth Amendment.

Nixa Public Schools

 In the wake of Wednesday’s knife attack in a Pennsylvania High School where at least 20 students were injured, schools around the country once again have examine their own policies and ask, could we have prevented that attack in our school?

KSMU’s Shane Franklin spoke with one Ozarks’ school system to ask that very question.

An African City follows the adventures of Ghanaian returnees Nana Yaa and her friends.


If you miss the friendship and fashion of Sex and the City, there's the new web series, An African City. We get an inside look at its fabulous female characters and rising "Afropolitan" culture.

Arun Venugopal hand-ate in public for the first time in March.

An Indian-American reporter recalls the deep shame he felt as a kid eating Indian food with his hand. But his daughter reminds him of the true joy of hand-eating, and he decides to try it in public.