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The Red Cross’ shelter for Joplin tornado victims at Missouri Southern State University will close Tuesday. However, the Red Cross will continue to provide shelter elsewhere. KSMU’s Matthew Barnes has details.

Tickets went on sale Monday for the special three-day Civil War reenactment event marking the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Wilson’s Creek. This unique opportunity to step back in time takes place later this summer. KSMU’s Theresa Bettmann talked with a spokesperson at Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield to learn more.

Just being told to eat right or exercise can be frustrating for people who do not know where to begin in their quest for better health. To assist people in finding their appropriate blend of fitness and nutrition, Dr. Barbara Bushman, professor of health, physical education and recreation at Missouri State University, compiled and edited a new resource from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), “The ACSM’s Complete Guide to Fitness & Health.” The book is available at www.humankinetics.com/ or at many online bookstores.

As the weather heats up, more and more folks around the Ozarks head to rivers, lakes, and pools to cool off. But a big risk that comes with such relaxation is drowning, especially amongst children. KSMU’s Samuel Crowe reports on the misconceptions of drowning, and what we should really be looking for.

  • Find bargains and help kids
  • Share your talents
  • Fish for free
  • Run or bike for a cause
  • Take your dog to the park
  • Swim
  • Buy fresh produce
  • Celebrate dads
  • Attend a car show
  • Listen to live music

If you’re a retailer who sells alcohol, how do you know what to watch for when it comes to selling to minors? A local non-profit outreach group has been holding seminars for the town’s most prominent liquor businesses. KSMU’s Matthew Barnes has details about the event.

Recent federal budget changes for 2011 have created a 46% financial cut for the Senior Community Service Employment Program. KSMU’s Rebekah Clark reports on how this is trickling down to the Ozarks

It’s nearly summer and time for outdoor activities, like going fishing. Fishing is mainly used with a rod and bait, but a controversial type of fishing needs neither of those. KSMU’s Scott Butler reports.

A new study by a University of Missouri scientist highlights the concern that many food and drink containers are made with a potentially harmful chemical called BPA. The research findings suggest people should pay more attention to their repeated exposure to this chemical. KSMU’s Missy Shelton reports.