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Choral Tradition Sun. 6/7/2009

Choral music for Henry VIII, performed by the vocal ensemble "Alamire" with Andrew Lawrence King conducting. Though Henry's reputation forever rests with the tyrannical later years of his reign, during his first 20 years as king (starting in 1509) he was one of Europe's greatest arts patrons... and a pretty good composer in his own right. There's no choral music by Henry VIII on this CD, but we will have time for one of his instrumental works at the end.

John TAVERNER: O Christe Jesu

Anonymous: O England be Glad

Motets from "A Royal Choirbook" (British Library, MS Roy.11.e.xi) (a gift ca.1518 to Henry VIII)

1) Salve radix (Sampson?)

2) Psallite felices (Sampson)

3) Sub tuum presidium (Benedictus de Opitiis)

4) Quam pulchra est (Sampson)

5) Hec est preclarum (Anon.)

6) Beati omnes (Jacotin)

Philippe VERDELOT(?): Nil majus superi vident

Robert FAYRFAX: Lauda vivi alpha

HENRY VIII: Tandernaken

Performers: Alamire; Quintessential (Obsidian CD-705; CD title is "Henry's Music")