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Friday Excursions

A radnomly generate Excursion for a rainy Friday! R-R-R-Random!

Put an Excursion on it!

A show for Dewey. It's his Excursion!

Lori worked some mad crazy logic on this show! Excursions!!!!

A random collection of songs that have no overarching theme. Excursions!!!!

A very loosely animal themed show tonight. Or an even more loosely linear algebra themed show. It's up to you as its your Excursion!

Brand new secret track from Plaid Dragon, newishness from Pat Metheny and some guitar rock for your pleasure! Excursions!

It's an illusion, Michael! Excursions!

So whatever I type here will be on the internet? BACON!!!!!!! EXCURSIONS!!!!!!!

We hope that you enjoy this music. It was made fresh just for you. Actually it wasn't, but that's okay, we like you just the way you are.

Lori made this show, thus I am unable to comment on it. Excursions!

New disco from Daft Punk and then a whole bunch of other stuff.

The show of shows we would've like to see...
Flips and Zappa, Miles and Jimi, Pink Floyd and The Orb... Missed opportunities or train wrecks? You decide! Excursions! Exclamation mark! Factorial!

It is Friday. This is your Excursion. Don't act like we didn't warn you!

This is why I'm not supposed to have espresso when putting together the show.
Excursions! Who knew!?

New music from Phoenix and They Might Be Giants and some other goodies and stuff and you should avoid run-on sentences whenever you can and it's your Friday Excursion!

We're about as far away from Summer today as is October, not there yet, but its about to be Spring.

New music from Atoms for Peace, Rudresh Mahantappa and Your Mom. Just kidding about your mom.

Man, I'm really hungry even though I had an enormous BBQ sandwich for lunch. Also, I am convinced that nobody reads this text.
On your Friday Excursion!!!!

Now with extra crispy!

Oh yes it's ladies night.

He said huh? Friday Excursions!

Anybody want a cat with a beard? She's very friendly. Friday Excursions!