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Friday Excursions

Celebrating the Umlaut and Iceland tonight with Björk unplugged, which you've never heard. And there will be other music, probably.

New music from Paul Motian, some more Esperanza, Jackie McClean, Stefan Harris along for the ride with some encouragement from Coheed, Cambria, M83 and some Human Motion to boot!

It's Friday, it's Spring, and it's on the radio!

Johnny and Santo and Vampire Weekend oh my! Music from Grant Green, David Gilmour, Cat Empire, Daft Punk and a band that sounds more like ELO than ELO on your Friday Excursion!

A bite of Cake by request starts the evening followed by that guy who did the beatbox/flute/mario bros theme song on You Tube. Yeah that guy, and his trio is awesome too!

Umlauts from Iceland, Diacriticals from Africa, some dots loops and various other constructions on your Friday Excursion!

The album of the year, for me anyway, Broken Bells kicks off the Friday Excursion where I couldn't get this text to save. But now I can, so go figure.

We're gonna Build, echo and avalanche with Far from Enough of that one guy whose playing with Jim Hall.

Yeah, breaking the third wall as usual here on your Friday Excursion!

Band of Horses gettin' chased by the Headhunters and The Invisible Hand. Charlie Haden, Pat Metheny and Bruce Hornsby playing some good old timey tunes with Jack Black. Yeah, that Jack Black, I'll tell ya about it on the air.

Henri Salvador, Happy Apple and The Album Leaf also along for your Friday Excursion!

Oh man, it's been one of those days all day. Feels like spring. Pink Floyd is gonna Meddle with the day, the Flaming Lips are At War With The Mystics, Dosh is in the house and Ornette Coleman is in the Circle. Manu Katche, Booka Shade and D Numbers filling out the dance card on your Friday Excursion.

Steely Dan leads off the Final Friday in February! Get your tires aired up and some woolies on for tonight's Excursion.

They Might Be Giants with Flood followed up by Vassilis Tsabropoulos and Melos. Tuatara is Trading with the Enemy. Standards from Ray Brown and some memories of winter from Norken.

It's almost Spring on your Friday Excursion!

Gonna spin the Shins, get back with Ratatat. Sonny and Stefano with the Squarepusher on the Aaron Parks Arovane bit with best tracks on the wax from the stacks its your Friday Excursion on KSMU!

Tonight Great American Taxi gets us started with their latest album followed by a visit with Lionel Loueke and the rather enchanting Esparanza Spalding. We've got the Ditty Bops, new music from Saxon Shore. We'll even get some sleepy time music from Motorhiro Nakishima and visit the "Enchantment Under the Sea" dance with Jimmy Smith and Wes Montgomery.

There's more than that, but let's be surprised together, shall we?

Strings and things from all over everywhere, and Moondog, because he was awesome. That and more on your Friday Excursion.

Music for a snowy Friday from a bunch of bands named after their members. Except for El Ten Eleven. But you knew that already...

The themesong for the human-robot interaction experiment Tweenbots opens the show. You might think we're searching for a giant candy mountain with all the Charlies on the show tonight. Lots of jazz,some not even by guys named Charlie.Pink Floyd's David Gilmour gets his say and Ulrich Schnaus has got the Knuddlemaus all on tonight's Excursion.

If that's not enough, well, you'll have to tune in next week.

It's El Rancho Relaxo tonight at the Excursion. It's been a long week so let's kick back a notch dig out some mellow tunes. Charlie Christian and Jacky Terrason are in from France. Nikakoi drops by to visit and Astor Piazzolla is in the park. It's your Friday Excursion, now with more extra!

Just found this over on the mothership's website. The Bad Plus are definitely one of my favorite groups working today. Hit up the linkto listen to their New Year's show in New York.

It's over an hour and bound to please!

From Rami Khalife to the Six Parts Seven, Sonny Rollins, Jim Hall and DJ Shadow were wondering how you liked the weather. That's actually not true, but they are all on your Friday Excursion tonight and I'm sure they have your best interests in mind.

The First show of the new decade starts with a theme song for a robot in love from the game Machinarium and continues with the most beautiful song ever (for the moment), some Radiohead, Ornette Coleman and Ye Olde Squarepusher.

That and a whole bunch more on this week's Friday Excursion. 2010! It's like the future, only today.

Tonight The Flaming Lips are racing for a prize The Bad Plus are awesome and Barefoot Revolution joins us in the studio.

Mae and the Album Leaf open the show tonight, followed by the extrodinary machinations of Fiona Apple's Extraordinary Machine.

John Coltrane leads on Blue Note and Orchestra Baobab is the Pirate's Choice. Joe Beck and John Abercrombie strengthen my hypothesis that your name must start with a "J" in order to play jazz and Pink Floyd celebrates their founder. All that and that's all of it tonight on your Friday Excursion.

Iz is Over the Rainbow, The Shins are not. Marcin, Slawomir and Michal have names that are fun to say and they do a Björk song.

Speaking of rainbows, Willie Nelson performs some of his jazz standards and Paolo Conte is taking us all dancing.

Dosh is playing some freaky good live breakbeat IDM, Marisa Monte is just freaky and I am Robot and Proud has a name that makes this sentence even more difficult to understand.

No Bob Ross, but Ochre is in for a bit too. Escalator temporarily stairs, sorry for the convenience.

Tonight Frank Sinatra, D Numbers on parade, John Scofield and Pat Metheny can see your house from here, though I can't, and The Flaming Lips are gonna tell you about Yoshimi. That, Tortoise, Battles and even Boc Scadet are along for the ride your Friday Excursion

Black Friday, Psycho Killers and a Never Oud on tonight's Excursion!

Sigur Ros, continues to make no sense. M83 is sad, no happy! no sad, not sure. That's right, my man Not Sure right here has a plan and Dave Douglas here is gonna Freak in. Vector Lovers are not talking about calculus, which is, however, pretty interesting but vector calc makes for bad radio. So they're making music that has nothing specific to do with that.

Eric Reed is Here, Peter Gabirel is, apparently, everywhere. Charlie Byrd is For Louis and Four Tet is not. It's your Friday Excursion, we don't have any citrus, but if we did, it would be buoyant!

Tonight Marco Benevento is him and not him, Pat Metheny doesn't play the Cheddartron-5000, Bobo Stenson Reflects and the Movits! are still hard to pronounce. That and so much more on your Friday Excursion!