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"The Gold Ring" 02/05/11, Program #1463

Host Lee Worman brings you great traditional music on "The Gold Ring" this week from Chulrua, Joe McKenna, Roger Landes, Tabache, Dan Milner, Kevin Burke, The Chieftains, Steve Baughman, Touchstone, Joe Burke, and Matt Molloy/Sean keane/Liam O'Flynn.

PLAYLIST 2/5/11, Program #1463

Opening Theme: The Templehouse [trad.]. Matt Molloy, MATT MOLLOY. Mulligan. LUN 004.

Segment 1:

Chulrua, THE SINGING KETTLE, Shanachie. He Golden Wedding/Paddy Murphy’Wife [trad.]. Total time: 3:48.

Joe McKenna, THE IRISH LOW WHISTLE, Shanachie. Contentment Is Wealth/The Mooncoin Jig [trad.]. Total time: 3:36.

Roger Landes, DRAGON REELS, Ranger Music. Master Crowley’s/Martin Wynn’s #2/Tom Billy’s [trad.]. Total Time: 4:30.

Segment 2:

Various Artists, DANCE OF THE CELTS, Narada. Tabache: The Gneevguillia Reel/Are You Willing?/Hanly’s Tweed/Niamh’s Capers/Cregg’s Pipes [trad.]. Total time: 5:57.

Dan Milner et al, IRISH PIRATE BALLADS AND OTHER SONGS, Smithsonian Folkways. Ten Thousand Miles Away [trad.]. Total Time: 3:36.

Kevin Burke, OPEN HOUSE, Green Linnet Records. The Bus Stop Reel [A.Anderson] /Miss McCloud’s Reel [trad]/Lost Indian [trad]. Total Time: 4:29.

Segment 3:

The Chieftains, THE CHIEFTAINS 8, Claddagh. The Job of Journeywork [trad.]. Total Time: 5:47.

Steve Baughman, A DROP OF THE PURE, Tall Tree Records. O Carolan’s Ramble to Cashel [T.O’Carolan]. Total Time: 4:56.

Touchstone, THE NEW LAND, Green Linnet Records. The Killmoulis Jig/The Maid At the Spinning Wheel [trad.]. Total Time: 3:39.

Martin Carthy/Dave Swarbrick, LIFE AND LIMB, Green Linnet Records. Sovay [trad.]. Total Time: 3:35.

Segment 4:

Sean Keane/Matt Molloy/Liam O’Flynn, THE FIRE AFLAME, Claddagh. The Geese in the Bog/The Little Fair Cannavans/Whelan’s Old Sow [trad.]. Total Time: 4:27.

Joe Burke, GALWAY’S OWN JOE BURKE, Outlet. Bunch of Keys/Ballinasloe Fair [trad.]. Total Time: 2:34.

The Chieftains, THE CHIEFTAINS 8, Claddagh. The Session[Elizabeth kelly’s Delight/Fraher’s/Dinny Delaney’s] [trad.]. Total Time: 4:27.

Closing Theme: The Gold Ring [trad.]. Matt Molloy, MATT MOLLOY. Mulligan. LUN 004.