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"The Gold Ring" 02/12/11, Program #1464

On this week's edition of "The Gold Ring" -- fine traditional music from Peter Horan & Gerry harrington, Altan, John Whelan, Trian, The Dubliners, Kevin Crawford, Brian McNeill, Brendan Mulvihill & Donna Long, Jim Fyhrie, Martina Bree, The Johnstones, Solas, Wayne Robertson & Nigel Jelks.

PLAYLIST 2/12/11, Program #1464

Opening Theme: The Templehouse [trad.]. Matt Molloy, MATT MOLLOY. Mulligan. LUN 004.

Segment 1:

Peter Horan/Gerry Harrington, THE MERRY LOVE TO PLAY, Clo Iar-Chonnachta. Miss Monaghan’s/The Duke of Leinster/The London Lasses [trad.]. Total time: 4:12.

John Whelan, CELTIC FIRE, Narada. Up Against the Bachelon/Lady Ann Montgomery/Glen Allen [trad.]. Total time: 4:57.

Trian, TRIAN II, Green Linnet. Ohm’s Law [B.McComiskey.]/Eleanor Neary’s [trad.]/Poor Timing [B.McComiskey.]. Total Time: 3:36.

Altan, BLACKWATER, Virgin. An Gasur Mor/Bunker Hill/Dogs Among the Bushes [trad.]. Total Time: 4:05.

Segment 2:

Various Artists, LEGENDS OF IRELAND, Rhino. The Dubliners: The Rocky Road to Dublin [trad.]. Total time: 2:24.

Kevin Crawford, IN GOOD COMPANY, Green Linnet. The High Road to Glin/The Hard Road to Travel/Paddy Fahy’s [trad.]. Total Time: 3:19.

Brian McNeill, TO ANSWER THE PEACOCK, Fenn Music. Gordy’s Wedding/Wrapped Up Tidy [both B.McNeill]. Total Time: 3:37.

Brendan Mulvihill/Donna Long, THE MORNING DEW, Green Linnet. Shandon Bells/Boys of the Town/Rakes of Clonmel/Girls of the Town [trad]. Total Time: 4:36.

Segment 3:

Jim Fyhrie, LISTENING THROUGH OPEN WINDOWS, Plectrum Records. Jackie Tar/Rights of Man/Toss the Feathers [trad.]. Total Time: 3:40.

Martina Bree, THE WINDING ROAD, independent. Cherish the Ladies [trad]. Total Time: 2:37.

Various Artists, LEGENDS OF IRELAND, Rhino. The Johnstones: The Dublin Jack of All Trades [trad.]. Total time: 3:15.

Brendan Mulvihill/Donna Long, THE MORNING DEW, Green Linnet. Mrs. Judge [T.O’Carolan]. Total Time: 4:02.

Segment 4:

Various Artists, NORTHUMBERLAND RANT, Smithsonian Folkways. Wayne Robertson & Nigel Jelks: Torryburn Lasses/The Wandering Tinker/Marry Me Now/Mrs. Wedderburn/Randy Wives of Greenlaw [trad.]. Total Time: 3:21.

Altan, BLACKWATER, Virgin. [strathspey]/Con McGinley’s/The Newfoundland [trad.]. Total Time: 3:10

Solas, SUNNY SPELLS AND SCATTERED SHOWERS, Shanachie. The Big Reel of Ballynacally/The High Hill/Flash Away the Pressing Gang [trad.]. Total Time: 4:30.

Closing Theme: The Gold Ring [trad.]. Matt Molloy, MATT MOLLOY. Mulligan. LUN 004