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"The Gold Ring" 05/07/11, Program #1476

On this week's edition of "The Gold Ring," great traditional music from Na Fili, Joe Burke, P.J. Crotty/Carol Cullinan/James Cullinan, Dick Gaughan, Paddy Glackin & Robbie Hannon, The Mulcahy Family, Barry Phillips, Bonnie Rideout, Hill 16, The Rosaleen Quartet [1937], Train, Matt Molloy, Kevin Burke, John Whelan.

PLAYLIST "The Gold Ring" 05/07/11, Program #1476

Opening Theme: The Templehouse [trad.]. Matt Molloy, MATT MOLLOY. Mulligan

Segment 1:

Na Fili, PURE TRADITIONAL IRISH MUSIC. Outlet. Bantry Hornpipe[trad.]Total time: 1:46.

P.J. Crotty/Carol Clulinan/James Cullinan, HAPPY TO MEET. independent. Harvest Moon/Joghn McGoohan/Dwyer’s [trad.]. Total time: 3:35.

Joe Burke, THE MORNING MIST. New Century Music. Spike Island Lassies/Farewell to Leitrim [trad.]. Total Time: 2:42.

Paddy Glackin/Robbie Hannon, THE WHIRLWIND. Gael-Linn. The Dogs Among the Bushes/The Glen Road to Carrick [trad.]. Total time: 3:16.

Segment 2:

Dick Gaughan, COPPERS & BRASS. Topic. Ask My Father/Lads of Laoise/The Connaught Heifers [trad.]. Total Time: 3:41.

Mick Mulcahy/Michelle Mulcahy/Louise Mulcahy, THE MULCAHY FAMILY . Shanachie. Jack Coen’s//The Boston Reel/The Cpw On the Bonnet [trad.]. Total Time: 3:10.

Barry Phillips, CELLO. Gourd Music. Lochaber No More [trad.]. Total Time: 5:07.

Bonnie Rideout, SCOTTISH FIRE. Maggie’s Music. Tibby Fouller o’ the Glen/The Lanach Highland Fling/Miss Shepherd/Dr. Gordon Stables’ Reel [trad.]. Total Time: 4:08.

Segment 3:

Hill 16, HILL 16. Meadowlark. The Four Courts/Sporting Pat [trad.]. Total Time: 2:05.

Various Artists, PAST MASTERS OF IRISH DANCE MUSIC. Topic. The Rosaleen Quartet [1937]: The Maid Behind the Bar [trad.]. Total Time: 3:10

Skyedance, LABYRINTH . Culbernie Records. The iron Ring/The Boxwood Reel [trad.]. Total Time: 5:22.

Na Fili, PURE TRADITIONAL IRISH MUSIC. Outlet. Paddy Hughes/Garrett Barry/Morrison’s [trad.]Total time: 3:26.

Segment 4:

Trian, TRIAN. Flying Fish. Newtown Bridge/The Golden Keyboard/Father Kelly’s [trad.]. Total Time: 3:33.

Matt Molloy, SHADOWS ON STONE . Virgin/Caroline. The Crib of Perches/Carmel Mahoney Mulhaire’s [trad.]. Total Time: 3:27.

Kevin Burke, SWEENEY’S DREAM. Smithsonian Folkways. The Bunch of Keys/The Girl That Broke My Heart [trad.]. Total time: 3:01.

John Whelan, COME TO DANCE. Narada. Dowd’s Favorite/O’Gorman’s Salute/My Cup of Coffee [trad.]. Total Time: 4:20.

Closing Theme: The Gold Ring [trad.]. Matt Molloy, MATT MOLLOY. Mulligan.