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The Gold Ring 08/06/11 Program #1489

Start Title Artist Album Label Length
9:00 PM Theme: \"The Templehouse\" [trad] Matt Molloy MATT MOLLOY 0:17
9:00 PM Intro Commentary 0:45
9:01 PM Northern Jig/Box Man Liz carroll/John Doyle IN PLAY 3:20
9:04 PM Colonel Rogers/Happy Days of Youth Frankie Gavin UP AND AWAY 2:45
9:07 PM The Congress Reel/Down the Broom/The Star of Munster The Irish Tradition THE DANCE MUSIC OF IRELAND 4:30
9:11 PM McMahons/The Ballyoran Joe Burke THE MORNING MIST 3:32
9:15 PM Commentary 0:41
9:15 PM Millers Ditch/The Satin Slipper/The Nova Scotia Reel Kieran O\"Hare KIERAN O\"HARE 4:09
9:19 PM Willie\"s Single/The Glen Road to Carrick Sean Keane JIG IT IN STYLE 3:00
9:22 PM Cunla Joe Heaney TREASURE OF MY HEART 3:00
9:25 PM The Priest\"s Boots/Last Night\"s Fun/Boys of the Town Scartaglen LAST NIGHT\"S FUN 3:20
9:29 PM Commentary 1:16
9:30 PM King of the Faeries/Temple Hill Shelley Phillips THE BUTTERFLY 3:48
9:34 PM The Glin Cottage Polkas Jackie Daly MUSIC FROM SLIABH LUACHRA 3:49
9:38 PM The Chorus Reel Con Curtin/Denis McMahon/Julia Clifford PADDY IN THE SMOKE 1:45
9:39 PM Miko Russell\"s Reel/Trip to Birmingham Josie McDermott TREASURE OF MY HEART 2:30
9:42 PM Pigeon On the Gate/Killavil Reel/The Jolly Tinker Claire Keville/John Weir/Eithne Ni Dhonail AN TRI IS A RIAN 3:46
9:46 PM Commentary 0:41
9:46 PM Paddy In London The Flanagan Brothers TREASURE OF MY HEART 3:14
9:50 PM Ab Buachaill sa mBearna/Rogha Sheain Ui Mhaoildeirg Willie Clancy SEODA CEOIL 2:37
9:52 PM Dillon\"s Fancy/Maids in the Meadow/Toss the Feathers Kevin Crawford THE DANCE MUSIC OF IRELAND 3:10
9:55 PM The Wind That Shakes the Barley/The Reel With the Beryl The Chieftains CHIEFTAINS 8 2:50
9:58 PM Outro; Theme \"The Gold Ring\" Matt Molloy MATT MOLLOY 1:11