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The Gold Ring December 1, 2012

Start Title Artist Album Label Length
9:00 PM The Templehouse Reel (under INTRO) Matt Molloy Matt Molloy Green Linnet 0:50
9:00 PM The Gossoon that Bate His Father/Old Woman of the House/Matt People's Reel Chulrua Barefoot on the Altar Pied Piper Prod. 3:43
9:04 PM Breton Dances Danny Carnahan/Robin Petrie Celtic Voyage Gourd Music 4:36
9:09 PM Suas Leat/An Cailin Sona Marcus O Murchu O Bheal go Beal Clo-Iar-Chonnachta 3:28
9:12 PM The Nightbird/Mystery's Dance Cherish the Ladies At Home RCA Victor 3:28
9:16 PM Tony Dalton's/Tay in a Bucket Josephine Marsh Josephine Marsh Self-released/Josephine Marsh 3:10
9:19 PM Ballydesmond Polkas Dun Aengus Fortified Self-released/Martin Rahmberg & Peter Andersson 3:04
9:22 PM Shamrock Shore Paul Brady Matt Molloy/Paul Brady/Tommy Peoples Green Linnet 4:04
9:26 PM Merry Blacksmith; Limestone Rock Joe Derrane Joe Derrane-Irish Accordian Copley 2:52
9:29 PM The Promenade Kevin Burke/Micheal O Domhnaill Promenade Green Linnet 3:23
9:34 PM Maid in a Cherry Tree Edwrd Mullaney/Patrick Stack The Wheels of the World Shanachie 3:00
9:37 PM Gile Mear Relativity Joyful Noise Green Linnet 4:14
9:41 PM Bucks of Oranmore/The Wind that Shakes the Barley Joe Burke/Charlie Lennon Traditional Music of Ireland Green Linnet 2:15
9:44 PM Bonnie Ann/West Clare Railway/Paddy Fahey's Kathleen Conneely The Coming of Spring Self-released/Kathleen Conneely 3:34
9:47 PM The Glen Cottage Polkas Seamus Creagh An Fhidil Vol.II Gael-Linn 2:41
9:50 PM Mulvihill's/Mama's Pet Harry McGowan/Jimmy Murphy As We Got Them Self-released/\"The Artists, 2005\" 2:40
9:53 PM Paddy Taylors/McFadden's Handsome Daughter etc. Solas Sunny Spells and Scattered Showers Shanachie 5:53
9:59 PM The Gold Ring (under OUTRO) Matt Molloy Matt Molloy Green Linnet 0:51