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The Gold Ring December 10, 2011

Start Title Artist Album Label Length
9:00 PM Theme: The Templehouse; Intro commentary Matt Molloy MATT MOLLOY 1:09
9:01 PM Padraig O Keefes/Bill Mallys/Din Tarrants The Washington Square Harp & Shamrock Orchestra SINCE MAGGIE DOOLEY LEARNED THE HOOLEY-HOOLEY 3:51
9:05 PM Boy in the Gap Pat Kilbride DANCE OF THE CELTS 3:20
9:08 PM Mick McNamaras/Touch Me If You Dare Ben Lennon CAISE CEOIL 3:30
9:11 PM Summer in Ireland/Mungo Kellys/Winds of Change/Capal Street Oisin FESTIVAL OF IRISH MUSIC 2:46
9:14 PM Commentary 0:32
9:15 PM The Stacks o Barley/The Boys of Bluehill/Stack o Wheat Hugh Morrison FEET TO THE FLOOR 2:30
9:17 PM Siuil a Ruin Connie Dover THE WISHING WELL 4:31
9:22 PM The Condolences Set Brian McNeill TO ANSWER THE PEACOCK 4:24
9:26 PM The Corsair/The Tartar Frigate Nomos I WONT BE AFRAID ANY MORE 3:32
9:30 PM Commentary 0:50
9:30 PM The Hunters Purse Pat Kilduff/The Chieftains THE CHIEFTAINS 3 1:42
9:32 PM The Gravel Walks/Jacksons/Martin Fallons First Night in America The Bridge Ceili Band CAISE CEOIL 3:30
9:36 PM The Sweet Cup of Tea/One For the Road Le Cheile ARIS 3:07
9:39 PM The Swallows Tail/McFaddens Reel Anna Mhaoireach DANCE OF THE CELTS 3:07
9:42 PM Commentary 0:42
9:43 PM Get Up Jack, John, Sit Down/Miss Thorntons Dan Milner IRISH PIRATE BALLADS 4:29
9:47 PM Chief O Neills/Nine Points of Roguery/Farel O Gara The Pied Pipers FESTIVAL OF IRISH MUSIC 4:32
9:52 PM Jim Colemans/Patsy Touheys/Rodney Millers James Kelly/Paddy O Brien/Daithi Sproule SPRING IN THE AIR 2:36
9:54 PM Tom Billys Reel/The Road to Lisdoonvarna/The Merry Sisters The Chieftains THE CHIEFTAINS 3 4:53
9:59 PM Outro; Theme: The Gold Ring Matt Molloy MATT MOLLOY 0:27