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The Gold Ring January 21, 2012

Start Title Artist Album Label Length
9:00 PM Theme: The Templehouse Matt Molloy MATT MOLLOY Mulligan 1:01
9:01 PM The Goban/Halloween Jig Maire Breatnach ANGELS CANDLES Blix Street Records 3:03
9:04 PM The Cook in the Kitchen/The Langstern Pony Tommy Reck THE STONE IN THE FIELD Green Linnet 3:11
9:07 PM The Curlew/Bird in the Tree/Andy McGanns/The Curlew Sarah Baughan THE UNTAMED GRASSES Alkazar 4:24
9:11 PM Down the Back Lane/Petticoat Loose The McCarthy Family THE FAMILY ALBUM Maree Music 4:15
9:15 PM Commentary 0:31
9:16 PM My Match Is Made Dolores Keane THERE WAS A MAID Claddagh 2:13
9:18 PM The Ballinakill Hornpipe/The Bridge Hornpipe Sean McGlynn/Mick Moloney CELTIC WINDS Easydisc 3:06
9:21 PM Lord Ramseys/The Jolly Tinker/The Rainbows End Paul McGlinchey UNEARTHED independent 3:57
9:25 PM Lane to the Glen/Paddy Fahys Robin Bullock/Michel Sikiotakis THE IRISH GIRL Dorian 3:07
9:28 PM Commentary 1:14
9:30 PM The Newry Highwayman Solas SOLAS Shanachie 3:22
9:33 PM Jim Donaghues/The Mountain Road James McDonagh/Gregory Daly/Jimmy Murphy AS WE GOT THEM independent 3:05
9:36 PM The Pipe On the Hob Stephen Moloney/Tommy Whelan PAST MASTERS OF IRISH DANCE MUSIC Topic 2:21
9:38 PM The Sligo Maid/The Woman of the House/The Sailors Bonnet Kevin Burke SWEENEYS DREAM Smithsonian Folkways 3:27
9:42 PM Commentary 0:35
9:42 PM Piper From Keatu/Lord Ramseys Reel/Tommy Peoples Mollys Revenge THE WESTERN SHORE Molri Music 3:38
9:46 PM Sporting Paddy/Murphys Favorite/The Haymaker The Belhavel Trio PAST MASTERS OF IRISH DANCE MUSIC Topic 3:03
9:49 PM Jackson and Jane The Boys of the Lough THE BOYS OF THE LOUGH Trailer 3:35
9:53 PM Timmy Cliffords/The Return Home/Oot Be Est Da Vong/John Joe Caseys Solas SOLAS Shanachie 5:27
9:58 PM Outro/Theme: The Gold Ring Matt Molloy MATT MOLLOY Mulligan 1:23