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The Gold Ring July 27, 2013

Start Title Artist Album Label Length
9:00 PM Templehouse Reel (under INTRO) Matt Molloy Matt Molloy Green Linnet 1:04
9:01 PM The Golden Keyboard/Maudabawn Chapel/Dinkie's Nine-8th Irish Out On the Ocean FGM 5:11
9:06 PM Hornpipes: Dunphy's/The Derry Hornpipe John Doonan The Lark in the Clear Air Topic 3:52
9:10 PM Miss Grace Hay's/The Shepherdess/In Dispraise of Whiskey Jock tamson's Bairns Jock Tamson's Bairns Temple 3:17
9:13 PM Miller's Ditch/The Satin Slipper/The Nova Scotia Reel Kieran O'Hare Kieran O'Hare Self-released/Kieran O'Hare 4:07
9:18 PM The Feisty Wench/Lads of Armagh/Father Mike Hogan Mike Dugger The Lovers' Quarrel Self-released/ Mike Dugger 4:14
9:22 PM The Ballydesmond Polkas Denis Murphy/Julia Clifford The Star Above the Garter Claddagh 2:52
9:25 PM Slip Jigs: The Barony/The Lietrim Quickstep/Moll Roe The McNamara Family Leitrim's Hidden Treasure Drumlin 2:59
9:28 PM Jigs: The Tongs By the Fire/The Spinning Wheel Jack & Charlie Coen The Branch Line Green Linnet 4:22
9:33 PM Reels: The New Found Out/The Drunken Landlady/The Thrush in the Storm The Mulcahys Notes From the Heart Clo Iar-Chonnachta 3:36
9:37 PM Jigs: Banks of Logh Gamhna/Sonny Brogan's Joe Burke/Andy McGann/Felix Dolan A Tribute to Michael Coleman Green Linnet 2:09
9:39 PM Pottinger's Reel/Miss Barker's/Miss Taylor's Sarah Bauhan The Untamed Grasses Alcazar 4:02
9:43 PM Reel: The Jolly Beggarman Planxty Planxty Shanachie 4:17
9:48 PM Reels: The Musical Priest/The Queen of May The Chieftains Chieftains (1) Claddagh 3:38
9:51 PM An Dro: The Devil's Courtship Battlefield Band Happy Daze Temple 3:46
9:55 PM Scots Reels: Lord Drummond/Lady Margaret Stewart/Crarae John Cunningham Fair Warning Green Linnet 3:31
9:59 PM The Gold Ring (under OUTRO) Matt Molloy Matt Molloy Green Linnet 0:53