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The Gold Ring May 5, 2012

Start Title Artist Album Label Length
9:00 PM Theme: The Templehouse; Intro commentary Matt Molloy MATT MOLLOY Mulligan 1:10
9:01 PM Marshes/Mulqueeneys/Eleanore Nerrys Kieran Munnelly/Aiden O Donnell IN SAFE HANDS independent 5:05
9:06 PM Captain O Kane/Jamie Allen/The Masons Apron Brian McNeill THE BUSKER AND THE DVILS ONLY DAUGHTER Temple 5:36
9:11 PM Johnny Allens/Sporting Nell Billy McComiskey MAKIN THE ROUNDS Green Linnet 2:32
9:14 PM The Girl Who Broke My Heart/Strone Johnny Na Fili PURE TRADITIONAL MUSIC OF IRELAND Outlet 2:36
9:16 PM Commenmtary 0:26
9:17 PM An Manglam/The Fairy Reel/I Have No Money Mick O Brien/Caoimhin O Raghallaigh LITTY LIE OVER ACM Records 2:51
9:20 PM The Knocknaboul Polkas Denis Murphy/Julia Clifford THE STAR ABOVE THE GARTER Claddagh 3:39
9:23 PM The Stick and the Road Karen Casey DISTANT SHORE Shanachie 4:00
9:27 PM Commentary 1:03
9:28 PM Jackie Dalys Reels Arcady AFTER THE BALL Shanachie 3:59
9:32 PM Micho Russells/Sporting Nell Four Men & A Dog TREASURE OF MY HEART Globestyle 2:59
9:35 PM Good Beer/Owen Huws Hornpipe Crasdant CELTIC WALES ARC 3:47
9:39 PM A Fig for a Kiss/Poll Hapenny/Merry Sisters Matt Molloy SHADOWS ON STONE Virgin 4:52
9:44 PM Commentary 0:22
9:44 PM Dochertys/Flowing Tide The Boys of the Lough THE BOYS OF THE LOUGH Trailer 3:56
9:48 PM Dear Irish Boy/Johnny Learys Polkas DeDanann SELECTED JIGS REELS Shanachie 5:46
9:54 PM Pretty Peg/New Ships A Sailing/The Birds Nest/The Man From Bundoran Altan HARVEST STORM Green Linnet 3:37
9:58 PM Outro; Theme: The Gold Ring Matt Molloy MATT MOLLOY Mulligan 1:00