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The Gold Ring November 3, 2012

Start Title Artist Album Label Length
9:00 PM The Templehouse (under INTRO)` Matt Molloy Matt Molloy Green Linnet 1:03
9:01 PM Sarah's Delight/Paddy Sean Nancy's/The Ireland We Knew/The Ireland We Knew Teada Inne Amarach Gael Linn/Compass 4:28
9:05 PM \"Reels From the 1920s\" (arr.Gavin) Frankie Gavin Frankie Goes To Town Green Linnet 5:44
9:11 PM Dark-Haired Jimmy Owen Scartaglen Last Night's Fun City Spark 2:43
9:13 PM Lambert's Jig/Knockagow Joe Burke Galway's Own Joe Burke Outlet 3:05
9:17 PM INTRO 0:40
9:17 PM Yellow-Haired Laddie/Hesleyside Reel Anthony Robb/Geoff Purvis Spirit of the Border Nimbus 2:20
9:20 PM The Rose In the Heather/The Frost is All Over Joe Maguire's Pride of Erne Orchestra Past Masters of Irish Dance Music Topic 3:00
9:23 PM Molly On the Shore/The Tempest The Irish Tradition The Corner House Green Linnet 3:14
9:26 PM My Love In the Morning/The Split Rock/The Battering Ram Michael Cooney A Stone's Throw Gortnahoe Productions 4:34
9:31 PM Blow Ye Winds Len Graham/Brian O hAirt In Two Minds Bua Music 3:35
9:35 PM Maho Snaps/Charlie Hunter/The Mouse In the Cupboard/The Rosewood The Boys of the Lough Sweet Rural Shade Shanachie 4:56
9:40 PM The Sailor's Jacket/Roll Her On the Mountain Jack and Jimmy Coen Traditional Irish Music on Flute and Guitar Self-released/Jack Coen & Jimmy Coen 2:25
9:42 PM Salamanca/Roaring Mary Moate Ceilidhe Band Past Masters of Irish Dance Music Topic 3:03
9:46 PM Jackie Daly's Reels Arcady After the Ball Shanachie 3:58
9:50 PM The Pullet/Launching the Boat/Lady McDonald P.J.Crotty/Carol & James Cullinan Happy to Meet Self-released/P.J.Crotty 3:15
9:53 PM Jenny's Picking Cockles/Jenny's Chickens Colcannon Three Days in May Oxford Road 3:42
9:57 PM Strathspey/Con McGinley's/Newfoundland Reel (faded under OUTRO) Altan Blackwater Virgin 2:01
9:59 PM The Gold Ring (under OUTRO) Matt Molloy Matt Molloy Green Linnet 0:44