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The Gold Ring September 24, 2011

Start Title Artist Album Label Length
9:00 PM Theme: The Templehouse; Intro Matt Molloy MATT MOLLOY 1:17
9:01 PM Harvest Moon/Johnny MacGoohan/Dwyers P.J. Crotty et al HAPPY TO MEET 3:36
9:04 PM Tom of the Hill/Dwyers Mick Moloney STRINGS ATTACHED 3:36
9:08 PM Dwyers #2/The Meadow Finbarr Dwyer FESTIVAL OF TRAD. IRISH MUSIC 3:04
9:11 PM King of the Jigs/Tatter Jack Walsh/MacDonaghs Jig Siamsa Gaedheal Ceilidh Band PAST MASTERS OF IRISH DANCE MUSIC 2:56
9:14 PM Commentary 0:39
9:14 PM The Next Market Day Oisin OVER THE MOOR TO MAGGIE 3:12
9:17 PM Gillians Apples/My Darling Asleep/King of the Pipers Adrian Schofield SPIRIT OF THE BORDER 3:47
9:21 PM The Bird in the Bush/Tom Wards Downfall/Craigs Pipes Brendan Powers NEW IRISH HARMONICA 3:41
9:25 PM Liverpool Hornpipe/Red Haired Lad Frank Fallons Orchestra PAST MASTERS OF IRISH DANCE MUSIC 2:52
9:28 PM Commentary 1:14
9:29 PM The Shamrock Shore The Boys of the Lough THE PIPERS BROKEN FINGER 3:44
9:32 PM The Keel Row/Love Will Ye Marry Me Packie Dolan & His Melody Boys WHEELS OF THE WORLD vol2 2:57
9:35 PM The Flowing Tide/The Gypsies/Roaring Hornpipe Deby Benton Grosjean CELTIC VOYAGE 4:40
9:40 PM Johnny and Molly Dolores Keane THERE WAS A MAID 3:26
9:44 PM Commentary 0:31
9:44 PM Farrell Garra/The Silver Spire Sweeney & Killoran WHEELS OF THE WORLD vol2 2:57
9:47 PM Jug of brown Ale/Spot the Wollop Kevin Crawford D FLUTE ALBUM 3:49
9:51 PM Bus Stop Reel/Miss McClouds/Lost Indian Kevin Burke et al OPEN HOUSE 4:36
9:55 PM The Boyne Hunt/Castle Kelly/The Humours of Scariff Oisin OVER THE MOOR TO MAGGIE 2:34
9:58 PM Outro; Theme: The Gold Ring; ID Matt Molloy MATT MOLLOY 0:45