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Monday Jazz Excursions 08/17/2009

Tonight on Jazz Excursions, I decided to throw COUNTRY SINGER Willie Nelson your way doing some JAZZ, along with TONS OF THE OTHER JAZZ ARTISTS!! I hope that you ENJOY!

Willie Nelson,'America Classics',2009 Blue Note Records

1. The Nearness Of You

2. Fly Me To The Moon

Rick Blessing,'I'm Just The Guy For You',2007 Fast Friends Music

1. I'm Just The Guy For You

2. Off The Tracks

Patrica Barber,'Mythologies',2006 Blue Note Records

1. The Moon

2. Morpheus

Dr. Bruce Eskovitz,'One For New II',2008 Pacific Coast Jazz

1. Pent-Up House

2. No Moe

Anne Phillips,'Ballet Time',2007 Conawago Records

1. Ballet Time

2. I Have The Feeling I've Been Here Before

Jessica Williams,'The Art Of The Piano',2009 Jessica Williams & 2009 Origin Records

1. Triple Door Blues

2. Esperanza

Steve Dooks,'Cocktails, Heartaches and Cigars',2007 Steve Dooks

1. Smooth And Easy

2. What Does You Heart Say

Cynthia Holiday,'All The Way',2008 Miles High Records

1. Never Make A Move Too Soon

2. I Like What I See

Boz Scaggs,'Speak Low

1. Invitation

2. She Was Too Good To Me

Dr. John,'Mercernary

1. Blues In The Night

2. You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby

Jamie Davis,'Vibe Over Perfection',2009 Unity Music LLC

1. Blue Skies

2. Pennies From Heaven

Donnie Williams & Park Place,'The Power',2009 Chump Change Records

1. Higher Power

2. Music Land

Mark Elf,'Liftoff',2005 Jay Bay Records

1. Liftoff

2. Thanks For The Memory