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Seldom Heard Music for January 9, 2010

It was great this week when Missy Shelton came into the studio and reminisced about her youth and about Poor Valley. Missy hails from "them parts" and we were glad to get her on the show. Bluegrass and country music owe a great deal to the Carter Family, and it's always neat to remember our heritage.

We got into the rhythm of the trains this week unintentionally - it just seemed like a neat thing to do. We played quite a few train songs, some old and some new. Of course, we had to play "Ten Degrees and Getting Colder" to acknowledge the severe cold weather that we have been enduring for a while.

Title/Artist/Album/Label1. Footprints In the Snow/Benny Martin/50 Years of Bluegrass/CMH2. Old Home Place/J.D.Crowe and the New South/Traditional Bluegrass/Cracker Barrel3. Ten Degrees and Getting Colder/J.D.Crowe and the New South/Traditional Bluegrass/Cracker Barrel4. Old Train/Seldom Scene/Creators Of Urban Bluegrass/Cracker Barrel 5. Last Train From Poor Valley/Seldom Scene/Creators Of Urban Bluegrass/Cracker Barrel6. Let Old Mother Nature Have Her Way/Seldom Scene/John Duffey – Always In Style/Sugar Hill7. Life Is Like A Mountain Railroad/Seldom Scene/John Duffey – Always In Style/Sugar Hill8. East Kentucky Morning/Dale Ann Bradley/East Kentucky Morning/Pinecastle9. The Day I Lose My Mind/Dale Ann Bradley/East Kentucky Morning/Pinecastle10. Ghost Bound Train/Dale Ann Bradley/Don't Turn Your Back/Compass11. 50 Miles Of Elbow Room/Dale Ann Bradley/Don't Turn Your Back/Compass12. Down On the Crooked Road/Dixie Bee-Liners/Ripe/Pinecastle13. Jefferson Railroad Line/Dixie Bee-Liners/Ripe/Pinecastle14. Billy Gray/Auldridge, Bennett, Gaudreau/This Old Town/Rebel15. Across the Great Divide/Auldridge, Bennett, Gaudreau/This Old Town/Rebel16. Sally On the Treadmill/Auldridge, Bennett, Gaudreau/This Old Town/Rebel17. Get A Transfer/Nashville Bluegrass Band/The Boys Are Back In Town/Sugar Hill18. Don't Let Our Love Die/Nashville Bluegrass Band/The Boys Are Back In Town/Sugar Hill19. I'd Like To Be A Train/Tumbleweed/Tumbleweed - The Collection/Factor20. Today Has Been A Lonesome Day/Tumbleweed/Tumbleweed - The Collection/Factor21. Pretty Little Miss/Eric Uglum, Christian Ward, Austin Ward/The Old Road To Jerusalem/Backcountry22. The First Train Robbery/Eric Uglum, Christian Ward, Austin Ward/The Old Road To Jerusalem/Backcountry23. Fraulein/The Mark Newton Band/Hillbilly Hemingway/Rebel24. Jesse and Me/The Mark Newton Band/Hillbilly Hemingway/Rebel25. Hillbilly Hemingway/The Mark Newton Band/Hillbilly Hemingway/Rebel26. Remember Me/Tim and Mollie O'Brien/Remember Me/Sugar Hill27. Out In the Country/Tim and Mollie O'Brien/Remember Me/Sugar Hill28. Rider On This Train/Chris Stuart and Backcountry/Mojave River/Backcountry29. Johnson Mountain Chimes/Jesse Baker/Yessir!/Patuxent