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The Gold Ring

This week, Lee features John Whelan, Moving Hearts, Sean Nua, Matt Molloy, Joe Burke, the Outside Track, and more.

Tonight, tracks by the Bothy Band, Irish Fiddle Festival, Teada, Tara, Aine Minogue, Seamus Egan, and more.

Tonight's playlist includes tracks by ALtan, Frank Cassidy, Jack & Charlie Coen, the Chieftains, Josephine Marsh, the Boys of the Lough, and many others.

Lee Worman's playlist this week includes tracks by Skylark, Pendragon, Michael Coleman, John Doherty, the Boys of the Lough, Deanta, Derek Bell, and more.

Tracks this week from Frankie Gavin & Alec Finn; Jock Tamson's Bairns; the Battlefield Band; Bohola; Gabriel's Gate (from Kansas City); the Bothy Band; and more.

Lee has music this week by Matt Molloy, Liz Carroll, Moe Burke, the Tannahill Weavers, Arvel Bird, Kevin Burke, Michael Coleman, and more.

This week Lee Worman features tunes by Katie McNally, Dan Milner, the John Kirkpatrick Band, Sean O'Riada, the Chieftains, Colcannon, and more.

Music tonight by Matt Molloy, Joe Burke, Planxty, Brian MacNeill, Cherish the Ladies, Paddy Taylor, James Keane, and more.

Tonight, a track from pioneering English singer and concertina player Louis Killen who died last week at age 79. Also: a Patsy Touhey recording from 1919; a James Morrison 78 side from 1930; and tracks by the Boys of the Lough, the Tannahill Weavers, Teada, Father Charlie Coen, and more.

Tonight's show ranges from a 1920s side by Michael Coleman to the Bothy Band, John Whelan, Bonnie Rideout, Ar Log, Daithi Sproule and others.

This week's show features flute player Chris Norman playing alongside the classical quartet Chatham Baroque. Also: Dolores Keane; Dave Swarbrick; Trian; Willie Clancy; Pendragon; Kevin Burke; and more.

This week Lee Worman presents tunes by the Mulcahys, Jock Tamson's Bairns, the McNamaras, Jack & Charlie Coen, Denis Murphy & Julia Clifford, Joe Burke, Planxty, and several others.

Tonight Lee features tracks by the Chieftains, DeDanann, Frankie Gavin, the Boys of the Lough, a rare 78rpm disc by William J. Mullaly, and more.

This week Lee Worman features performances by the trio of Matt Molloy, Paul Brady & Tommy Peoples; also, the Cassidys, James Keane, Mary Jane Lamond & Wendy MacIsaac, Michael Coleman, Capercaille, and more.

This week Lee Worman features tunes by Scartaglen, Roger Landes, Far From Home, Frankie Gavin, Deanta, Solas, and more.

Tonight's show features Alasdair Fraser, Nine-8ths Irish, Sean O Riada, Donal Lunny, Joe Derrane, and more.

This week Lee Worman features tunes by the Boys of the Lough, Paul Brady, Cruinniu, the Bothy Band, and a 1904(!) wax-cylinder recording by Patsy Touhey.

Lee Worman features tracks by the McCarthys, Jack and Jimmy Coen, Liz Carroll & John Doyle, the Chieftains, Joe Burke, the Boys of the Lough, June Tabor, Altan, and many more.

Featured this week: Altan; Andy Irvine & Paul Brady; the Dysart & Dundonald Pipe Band; Marcus O Murchu; Eoin O Riabhaigh; and the Chieftains.

This week Lee features Liam O'Flynn, the Boys of the Lough, James Morrison, John Whelan, Paddy Keenan, Kim Robertson, and more.

This week Lee Worman features tracks by Trian, Capercaillie, Colin Farrell, Martin Carthy, a late-1920s side by Packie Dolan, Kevin Burke with Celtic Fiddle Festival, and more.

Lee Worman presents Celtic music from Oisin, P.J.Hayes and friends, the Chieftains, Connie Dover, Tony DeMarco, and more.

This week, tracks by Natalie MacMaster, Martina Bree, Bua, Seamus Egan, Moving Cloud, DeDanann, and more.

Featured this week: Matt Molloy, William Coulter, Brendan Mulvihill, Eoin O Riabhaigh, Altan, and more.