Brentwood Christian Church

Michele Skalicky

At times it seems that civility is dead.  People are constantly at odds with one another, and shouting matches are all too common, especially online.  Social media is often used as a battleground where people who disagree on various issues fight with words.   People who were once friends no longer talk because their political or other beliefs are different.  

Despite that, there are many things happening in the Ozarks that show civility and attempts to understand one another are, in fact, very much alive.

Brentwood Christian Church

The recent events in Ferguson have left an impression on individuals and organizations across the nation. Locally, an interfaith prayer service in Springfield Monday has been among the events to honor Michael Brown. And as KSMU’s Bailey Wiles reports, area clergy hope they can aid in strengthening the community’s views on race.

Reverend Phil Snider is the pastor of Brentwood Christian Church. Three years ago, it launched the greater Springfield Center of Diversity and Reconciliation, which responds to needs of reconciliation and the building of a healthy community for everyone.