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Henry the Hippo, who called Springfield's Dickerson Park Zoo home for 34 years, but who was moved last year to a new hippo exhibit, Hippo Cove, at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens has died.

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1/31/17:  Henry's baby has a name.  It's Fiona (which means "fair"), given to her by Cincinnati zoo staff who have been caring for her around the clock since she was born six weeks early on January 24.  

“Even though Fiona’s not out of the woods yet, every baby needs a name and her animal care team thought the name was a perfect fit for their 'fair' little girl,” said Christina Gorsuch, curator of mammals at the Cincinnati Zoo. “They have been with her 24 hours a day and think this name suits her personality.”

Cincinnati Zoo

It’s been about three weeks since Henry the Hippo left Springfield’s Dickerson Park Zoo for his new home in Ohio.  He’s now happily settling into Hippo Cove, a new exhibit at the Cincinnati Zoo that will open on July 21.

Christina Gorsuch, curator of mammals at the Cincinnati Zoo, said, when he arrived Henry didn’t seem to mind at all that he was in a new place.

Michele Skalicky / KSMU

Henry the Hippo will say farewell tonight (6/22) to the place he’s called home for 34 years.  Dickerson Park Zoo will send him off to the Cincinnati Zoo this evening.  How do you transport an animal that large?  KSMU’s Michele Skalicky found out.

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Your final chance to say goodbye to Henry the Hippo is Wednesday.  That’s the last day he’ll be on exhibit at Springfield’s Dickerson Park Zoo.  After that he’ll move to a new $8 million home at the Cincinnati Zoo where he’ll have a female companion from the St. Louis Zoo.

Henry’s arrival in Springfield as a young hippo from the San Francisco Zoo in 1982 was made possible by a donation from Henry and Jane Schneider.