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The City of Springfield is looking for candidates for the Board of Public Utilities.  The board has two immediate vacancies and will have three more vacancies in December.

The 11-member board is made up of citizens and is appointed by the Springfield City Council to serve three-year terms.  According to the city, the board establishes policies on how best to serve customers and sets the long-term direction for the utility.

Applicants must meet a two-year residency requirement.  The board meets at 3 p.m. on the last Thursday of each month.

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Temperatures this weekend will be in the upper 80s, and that means lots of people will likely have their air conditioners on, resulting in higher utility bills.

 City Utilities is offering tips for customers to help conserve energy and water and to save money.

 According to CU, residents can save three to five-percent of their air conditioning costs for each degree they go above their normal setting.  The suggested temperature for summer months is 78 degrees.

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Three of five units at James River Power Station in southeast Springfield are being retired in the next few months, and the others will be retired within two years.

In 2015, City Utilities stopped burning coal at the units, which had been in operation since 1957, due to anticipated significant costs to meet regulations.

But the units are no longer needed, according to CU Spokesman Joel Alexander, who said 200 megawatts of wind power they’re bringing in from Oklahoma have almost replaced what the power company had at James River.

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City Utilities wants homeowners and contractors to realize the importance of calling before you do any digging.

According to CU spokesman Joel Alexander, hitting an electrical or gas line can result in injury or even death, not to mention the inconvenience for possibly hundreds of people.  And he said Missouri law requires you to call before you dig.

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This is Bike to Work Week, a time when you’re encouraged to keep the car in the driveway at least one day today through Friday (May 15-19).

According to Ozark Greenways, a local restaurant will give a voucher for free food to anyone who registers to take part and also reports their participation.  There are also prizes that will be given away.