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The trouble with online forums is this: Participants are usually faceless and the opinions can be ruthless. That's what triggered Dr. LeAnn Brazeal, assistant professor of communication and the director of the public speaking program at Missouri State University, to research maintaining civility in online discussions. She and a co-author from Kansas State University, Dr. Soo-Hye Han published "Playing Nice: Modeling Civility in Online Political Discussions" in Communication Research Reports.

Do you more closely identify with a rural landscape or a bright city skyline? Your answer will probably inform your reaction to Sarah Williams' work. Williams is an assistant professor of art and design at Missouri State University. She is depicting the rural way of life through her oil paintings.

Breakups: Everybody has been through one, or multiple ones, and each split is a little different. Michael Czyzniejewski, an assistant professor of creative writing at Missouri State University, recently wrote “I Will Love You For the Rest of My Life: Breakup Stories.”

Art can be described by endless adjectives: beautiful, poignant, unique, surprising… grotesque? According to Dr. Mitzi Kirkland-Ives, associate professor of art and design at Missouri State University, pre-modern European art was rarely produced with the primary intention of being beautiful. She recently co-edited a book, “Death, Torture and the Broken Body in European Art, 1300-1650,” that explores the function of torture in art of the early modern or late medieval period.

Adults take for granted the ability to resolve conflict — a skill perfected over a lifetime. Missouri State professor Dr. Charlene Berquist hopes to offer victims, offenders and other at-risk youths the opportunity to build the skills needed to pull themselves out of a justice system that may swallow them up.

She discusses the Restorative Justice program at the Center for Dispute Resolution – a center she serves as the director for.

  Due to the fact the offenders are juveniles, the parents play an important role, she added.